The Art The Science The Magic

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"Barb pushes the edge of the envelope in turning a warm personal style and terrific industry knowledge into fantastic business results with some of the biggest, most sophisticated, and most challenging retailers in the world."
- Larry Aronson, former President, Sales - Revlon.

What is "Go Beyond"?
In today’s economy, businesses are running full steam to try to meet business goals and objectives, with a slimmed down workforce that’s stretched to the limit. People are worn out, uninspired, and it’s time to find ways to reenergize, with a sharp focus on building revenue and increasing results.

In the business today, the key is going beyond the norm and developing - and maintaining- outstanding relationships.

There's a secret...

When you learn it, your business life will change. This knowledge will transform your life and put you ahead of your competition!

The Art, The Science, The Magic
In Barb’s three careers at Procter & Gamble, she was able to discover many things about the skills developed in various aspects and stages of relationships. The importance of relationships centers on these concepts – the Art, Science, and Magic of relationships. Understanding these three and how they can be applied to your business will dramatically change the extent of your success.

The Art

How do you let yourself be guided with regard to the way you are handling relationships, or perceiving the world? Are you too clinical and formulaic? Have you forgotten that it’s all about a human connection with your customer?

The Science

Without a process you’re eventually going to hit a wall. Science is about processes. If you’re in the business of selling or marketing a product to a vendor, the process should include a learning curve. Read everything you can, about forging great relationships. Study the ways in which you can effectively grow them.

If you are able to create magic within your organization, the possibilities are unlimited. Strong and solid relationships are one of the ways to create magic. And here’s the secret: anyone can do it! (but not everyone will)
Everyone can create incredible relationships that produce outstanding results.

Go Beyond is designed to take the best practices from a career of experiences at Procter & Gamble, help eliminate the mistakes, and assist organizations to achieve better results by improving two key areas, diversity and organization structure. Today more than ever the right people leading the right organization within the right go to market structure is a key component in winning.