"Barb’s mastery of connecting people as a means to solving business issues is legendary. Her sincerity and humor, mixed with her savvy business sense, not only result in successful business deals, but personal relationships that last a lifetime."

– Cheryl Pearson-McNeil, Senior VP Public Affairs
The Nielsen Company

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Barb is sought after in the industry as a speaker and consultant for her specialty in developing, managing and growing extraordinary business relationships. When relationships are outstanding, the journey is enjoyable. Work is not something you trudge forward through, it’s a joyful experience on the road of life. The journey should be phenomenal, and fun.

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MEET TWO INDUSTRY LEGENDS: Barb Hartman, former senior executive from Procter and Gamble, along with Kathy Steirly, former executive beauty retailer, have joined forces. Together they will bring the best insights from both sides of the negotiating table to your organization. Allow them to share with you their experiences as powerful manufacturers and retailers.