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Barb Hartman

Go Beyond: The Ultimate Guide to Business Relationships is a book about success and living a life you love. Specifically, the book centers on how to cultivate and maintain superior relationships in a business and customer setting.

Business is merely an extension of your life. Simply put, everything you do in your career affects the way you live, and is an extension of who you are. The principles within this book will help guide you in both areas, to live a more complete and rewarding business and personal life.

This book shares my 3+ decades of best practices on how relationships were and still are the key to unlocking the real successes I was fortunate enough to enjoy over these years. I learned that relationships were formed through the successes, the failures, the good risks, and the unfortunate risks that did not work the way they were intended. I learned from the internal relationships with my leaders, peers, and subordinates, from the new hires fresh from college campuses, from mentors and mentees.

I had the opportunity to develop relationships with the customers across the industry over many years. These relationships spanned from CEOs to assistant buyers, from VPs of merchandising to administrators, from operations to logistics to finance to HR. And what I learned is that each relationship played a critical role in unlocking the secret to success in building sustainable business results over time. I look forward to sharing all of this in my book, which details the following: