"Barb Hartman is the ultimate executive professional. She has worn many hats during her storied career at P&G, and remains to this day a hand-on favorite of many major retailer personalities in our industry. Barb was a fiercely competitive and loyal ambassador for her company, while at the same time making you, the customer, feel number one in her priorities. She understands the value of relationships, organizations, diversity, and honesty in any business situation. In molding her company, GO BEYOND, with the principles she lives and believes, Barb will add valuable strategic insight to all those fortunate enough to engage her talents. I'm honored to have worked with her for many years and to call her my great friend.”
- Kathy Steirly, former VP Beauty - Walgreens
"Barb Hartman was the face of Procter & Gamble to the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) for 10 years.  Our relations with the key executives and the industry was never better, and for her efforts she was awarded the the prestigious Robert B Begley award. Barb knows how to build and productively utilize trade relationships better than anyone."

- Joe Cucci, ret. Vice President Sales
- Procter and Gamble

"Barb is a very intelligent and articulate negotiator. More importantly, I found her to be an extremely effective problem solver. She has the unique knack of taking care of the company's needs while also making sure that the customer's need are also met. She gets things done and leaves everyone satisfied."
- Enzo Cerra, ret. Sr VP Merchandising and Marketing
- Eckerd Drug Co.
"Barb’s mastery of connecting people as a means to solving business issues is legendary. Her sincerity and humor, mixed with her savvy business sense, not only result in successful business deals, but personal relationships that last a lifetime."
– Cheryl Pearson-McNeil, Senior VP Public Affairs
– The Nielsen Company
"Our university student leadership retreat focused on “leading with integrity”. After the presentation the students swarmed around Barb because of her candid discussion about career advancement and family responsibilities—work/life balance. In 35+ years of working with students, it was a reaction unlike any I had seen. Barb obviously struck a chord as they thought about their own life and future."
- Willard Broom, ret. Associate Dean of Students
- University of Illinois
"Barb is known and respected by administrators through the CEO's at her top customers. She had great access to the executive suites based on the value she added. Importantly, she used that access to deliver best in class results for both P&G and her customers."
- Tom O'Brien Global, ret. Vice President Health and Beauty Care
- Procter and Gamble
"The success Barb enjoyed with customers in her role at Procter & Gamble was truly astounding. She pushed the edge of the envelope in turning a warm personal style and terrific industry knowledge into fantastic business results with some of the biggest, most sophisticated, and most challenging retailers in the world."
- Larry Aronson, former President, Sales - Revlon
"Barb Hartman is an original. She looks at a problem and quickly sizes it up to come up with possible solutions, then breaks them down so the path to success is clear, achievable and manageable. She's spot-on brilliant, doesn't hold back and is easy to be around. I go to her because she is a good human being who believes in what she does and has the instincts to drive any project toward success. And, oh -- she cracks me up. Truly, I wish I had her brain, but her heart is absolutely magnificent. That is what makes her a great leader."
- Fawn Germer, best-selling Author and International Speaker
"Barb Hartman is a business woman who gets it. She knows the CPG industry inside and out. But more importantly she is unique in this industry because she listens. She has instinctive talent in connecting with people regardless of where they may find themselves on the totem pole in the companies they serve. She is one talented executive whose opinions are sought after by smart people. It has been my great pleasure to have worked with her on many projects, all of which have been productive and profitable."
- Bill Baxley, Sr VP Marketing and Merchandising
- Kerr Drug Co
"Barb’s trade skills are very accomplished, and she did an excellent job as the Senior Voice of Procter & Gamble with the Drug Channel Leadership and with the primary trade association for the entire channel. Barb is a very positive, results oriented and inclusive leader who can help organizations develop trade relations strategy and implementation plans. I highly recommend her."
– Rob DeMartini, President & CEO – New Balance, Inc.
Were your ears ringing yesterday?  I sat on a Walgreens panel for their new internal support group with Kim, Catherine, Allison, Cheryl (Nielson) and others . . . My first "story" was about how we met and how that relationship became very instrumental to me over the years - then Cheryl speaks and she says that she has a "Barb Hartman" story - then Kim chimes in about her Barb Hartman story - as does Katherine - and then back to me again.  You would have thought the panel was a roast to you!!  What an impact you have made on so many women!  Your legacy lives on even in absentia!
-  Kelly Muno, Sr Account Executive - Procter and Gamble
One of my first meetings with Barbara was over a concern I had that the Team Leader for our account was just not helping us optimize our relationship or our business. Barbara stepped in and listened, assessed, and reacted to the situation. She took a terrible relationship and turned it into a poster child for what true partnership should be about. Our relationship and our business improved dramatically under her guidance.
-Barbara Zamudio -Vice President, Merchandising Ulta